5-HTP Dosage

5 htp amount of dosage informationDid you know, 5-HTP is a great way to help your body be able to lose weight.

However, you really need to make sure you use the proper 5-HTP dosage so that you do not run into problems while still getting the maximum benefits of the supplement. If you don’t know about this great way to get help losing weight and feeling healthier, we have some information that you need to know. There are other benefits to proper 5-htp dosage as well, including help dealing with anxiety, insomnia and even depression in some cases.

Why Proper 5-HTP Dosage is Important

Whether or not you have heard of 5-HTP before doesn’t matter. It is something that the body uses to produce serotonin. As you know, serotonin plays a very important part in making us feel good. For some people, if enough serotonin is not created after eating, there is no feeling of being full psychologically, which can lead to overeating. And when you eat more, you are going to gain weight and have a harder time losing any of the fat. This can lead to a very destructive cycle that is hard for many people to escape on their own.

If your body is not making enough 5-HTP on its own, there are ways you can supplement it so that your body can appropriately produce serotonin. Above and beyond helping you with appetite suppression and losing weight, 5-HTP supplements can also help you improve your mood and overcome problems with anxiety. Being anxious can lead to stress which can lead to overeating comfort foods to feel better.

How 5-HTP Daily Doses Can Help

When your body is out of balance, taking 5-htp doses daily can ensure that your body has everything it needs to operate normally. And when this happens, you are going to find that it is easier to lose weight – not to mention be stronger when it comes to stressful situations that may have made you anxious in the past. The proper dosage every day can also help you with insomnia and some other sleep disorders. Some people suffering from depression have also found help by increasing their daily dose of 5-HTP. By knowing the correct dosage, you are going to be able to give your body what it needs.

The best thing to do is follow the directions with the 5-htp supplements that you purchase. However, you are going to want to start off slowly and work your way up to around 100mg to 200mg a day in some extreme cases. It is important to take the time to learn the proper 5-HTP dosage for you personally so that you can get the most benefit from taking the tablets every day. Within a week of taking it, you should know if the dosage you are using is working or not and can adjust as needed. You should not go over 300mg per day, however.

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